Discover Pilates Pack

Discover Pilates packs are combinations of Physiotherapy Assessment, Reformer Pilates sessions, and progression sessions with a Clinical Pilates Physiotherapist.

Introduce people to Reformer Pilates who have no previous experience of pilates
They are most relevant for people who:

1. Want to improve their core stability
2. Want to improve their lower back pain
3. Post-partum pregnancy recovery, improve core stability
4. Tone-up in a safe and supervised way.
5. Want to discover Pilates!

The pack consists of: 1 x 40 minute assessment and Pilates Session with Physiotherapist

1 x 20 minute Pilates Session with Physiotherapist + Independent Pilates afterwards
10 x Independent Pilates Sessions (40 minutes) (2 x per week for 5 weeks)
1 Review Pilates Session with Physiotherapist + New Exercise Session
A further 10 Independent Pilates Sessions (40 minutes each)
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