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Bodyflow Therapy is an exciting new device with proven research in the fields of Sports Recovery and Lymphoedema and Swelling management.

BodyFlow technology using an electrical stimulant to improve the circulation of local blood flow to a selected area on the body. This increase in circulation and lymphatic drainage is proven to reduce selling and aid in recovery.

BodyFlow Therapy is used by a number of UK Based Soccer clubs to aid in recovery of their athletes, and is in trials with a number of AFL Clubs as an additional adjunct to normal recovery procedures for athletes. At Hinterland Physiotherapy we have the ability to speed up your recovery and improve recovery outcomes by utilising this device.

Evidence also shows its successful treatment for Lymphoedema clients, suffering with upper or lower limb lymphatic drainage issues.

For more information on how BodyFlow can help your recovery, or improve lymphatic drainage, contact our clinic for more information on our package deals.