Combating Muscle Tightness

Can’t seem to get rid of quartz quads or concrete calves. You’ve tried foam rolling until you cry, stretching like a gymnast, getting massages from every different therapist in town, put enough heat packs on to heat tasmania, but still tightness!! The benefits last in the short term but then it just seems to return. There could be an answer. Recent research suggests that treating the cause of tightness is the best way to increaseread more

Elbow pain? We can help!

Niggling pain in your elbow? Do lots of heavy manual work or gym junkie? Elbow pain is a very common complaint across the population, from extremely active sportspeople to desk workers. Extensor tendinopathy or Tennis Elbow as it is commonly known may be the cause of your pain. Tennis elbow is a repetitive strain injury affecting the point of where the tendons of your forearm attach at the elbow. This results in pain to theread more

Neck Pain? We can help!!

Dull pain in your neck and shoulders, feels good over the weekend but made worse by being at work or driving long hours? You may have Monday morning syndrome. We can’t fix that. However, disc irritations in your neck we can. Irritations of the cervical discs (in your neck) sound frightening but in reality are a very common injury amongst desk workers, drivers and manual workers. It can cause pain in the neck, shoulders andread more

Shin Splints? They can be fixed!

Do you suffer pain in your shins when running or playing sports, even walking long distances? Many people suffer shin splints, often chronically and end up sacrificing their sporting endeavours due to it. The good news is that it can be fixed, the bad news sometimes it requires patience! Medial tibial Pain Syndrome or Shin Splints is trauma caused to the shin by repetitive pulling from the muscles of the lower leg that attach toread more

Importance of Shoulder Exercises

Trying to turn those shoulders into boulders, but heavy weights are causing you pain? The rotator cuff is the primary muscle complex involved in stabilizing your shoulder. Dysfunction and weakness in these muscles could be limiting your training and shoulder development. Studies have shown rotator cuff dysfunction is predictive of Injury and sporting performance. Issues with the rotator cuff aren’t just limited to the gym. Throwing and upper limb sports such as cricket, tennis andread more

Pre-pregnancy Pilates

Could Pilates be the new pregnancy yoga? Until now, pregnancy yoga has always been the go-to workout for women who want to stay fit, healthy and relaxed during pregnancy. It is great that women are beginning to realize the benefits of how clinical pilates can help during pregnancy.   Both yoga and pilates offer similar benefits, including relaxation, strength and flexibility, but the main focus of pilates is on the core. Pregnancy is a goodread more

Oschgood Schlatters

Osgood-Schlatter disease is a traction apophysitis at the level of the tibial tubercle due to repetitive strain on the tibial tuberosity. The repetitive strain is from the strong pull of the quadriceps muscle produced during sporting activities. The tibial tuberosity avulsion may occur in the pre ossification phase or the ossified phase of the secondary ossification center. Once the bone or cartilage is pulled away it continues to grow, ossify and enlarge. The intervening arearead more

Facet Pain

What is Facet Joint Pain?   Facet joint pain is also commonly referred to as facet joint syndrome, facet joint disease, facet joint sprain, but essentially it is the pain caused by a facet joint injury.     Your facet joints are synovial joints between the vertebrae of your spine. There are two facet joints (left and right) in each spinal motion segment.   Biomechanically, the function of each pair of facet joints is toread more

Lumbar Disc Bulges

A bulging disc is a very common injury of the spine that can occur anywhere in the vertebral column, but most commonly in the lower back. It is sometimes referred to by health professionals as a slipped disc or disc herniation. A bulging disc can occur suddenly and may also come on over time, and sometimes people have no pain or problems at all with a bulging disc. However, it can also cause severe painread more


The term sciatica describes the symptoms of leg pain—and possibly tingling, numbness, or weakness—that originate in the lower back and travel through the buttock and down the large sciatic nerve in the back of each leg.     Sciatica is often characterized by one or more of the following symptoms: Constant pain in only one side of the buttock or leg (rarely in both legs) Pain that is worse when sitting Leg pain that isread more