What is Pain?

Body Pain Treatment

What is Pain?



We believe all pain experiences in life are normal and are a good, although it is the brain which perceives an unpleasant response as a potential threat.



In today’s understanding of Pain Science, there have been good ideologies and amazing pain stories. The amount of pain one experiences may not necessarily relate to the amount of tissue damage happening in the body. There have been amazing stories of pain by war veterans where one revealed a bullet that had been lodged in his neck for 60 years yet he never knew about it. On the other hand, there are stories from young ladies who will scream on top of the roof if they hurt their stylish long nail. The other common example which could be related to Queenslanders would be a popular sport of “footy” or Rugby where extreme forces are tumbled upon bodies and yet there are no complaints of pain.



Pain relies a lot on context. We all remember (if you have had one) the first heart break or the first time you got dumped from your first love. Now as soon as you read those lines your brain automatically would take you back to the journey of physical and emotional pain experiences in that time. In a situation where there is a work related injury, the pain has an emotional and physical component.



At Hinterland Physio, we understand the physical and emotional side of Pain and are strong believers in a patient centred holistic approach towards pain reduction.